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I was in home tutoring a 6th grader in Kaimuki, part of Honolulu Hawaii for math. I taught her how to isolate a variable involving fractions. I thought I'd teach you how to solve these equations.

-y/6 -5 = 7 Is The Equation We're Going to Solved Together

The first thing you should know is it doesn't matter if it's -y or -6. They're interchangeable.

We need to solve for y so we need to get that on one side of the = and everything else on the other side.

What is PEMDAS?

PEMDAS represents the order of operations in mathematics.

Parentheses () Exponents ^ Multiplication * Division / Addition + Subtraction -


Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

To Isolate The Variable We Will use SADMEP

The opposite of PEMDAS. I'm the only teacher/tutor I know of that ever gave it a name. So we started with subtraction and addition

DO NOT skip a step! Write the entire process out on paper.

-y/6 -5 = 7

Change the sign add a line

Here's a YouTube video that I used to show my 7th grade math class.

-y/6 -5 = 7

-y/6 + (-5) = 7

Make this equation plus a negative number frees us up to do things we can do with addition that we cannot do with subtraction.

According to SADMEP we need to zero out the -5

What's the opposite of -5? +5

So we add a positive 5 to both sides to keep the equation balanced. If you do something to one side of the equation you must do it to the other side. For example


However 1+2 ≠ 1+2+1

We must balance out the equation by adding 1 to both sides


Thus Adding positive 5 to both sides of our equation keeps it balanced

-y/6 + (-5) +5= 7+5

Again, write this whole thing out DO NOT skip steps and do this in your head. I'm especially talking to some of my ADHD students



-y/6 = 12

Think Of The Fraction Line Like This

The fraction line is called the division bar. Think of that line as meaning divided by. So we now have

-y divided by 6 =12

So since we are dividing, we do the opposite to get rid of that 6. Now the first thing I'm going to do is change the equation slightly. Remember when I told it didn't matter where we placed the - sign in a fraction? We'll save a little step if we do this

-y/6 = 12 is the same as y/(-6)=12

So now, we need can isolate y not (-y). Therefore we deal with (-6)

Remember a negative times a negative is a positive and we want the solution to positive y. so

If we are dividing by (-6) we multiply each side by (-6)

y/(-6) (-6)=12(-6)

When parentheses are next to a number you multiply.

The Secret Ninja Invisible 1

I used to tell my 7th grade math students there's a secret ninja invisible 1 in front of all variables. I'd also do a few martial arts moves as I said this to entertain the students and keep their attention.

thus y/(-6) (-6)=12(-6) is actually 1y/(-6) (-6)=12(-6)

We can forget about the y for now and solve

1/(-6) (-6)=12(-6)

Here's Another Tip About Fractions

It may be easier for you to look at this part of the equation like so

1/(-6) * (-6)/1

This is called a reciprocal. When you multiply the reciprocal of any number you get 1

I would say to my students for a final example what is if we multiply a million gazillion trillion by its reciprocal what do we get


A Variable Next to a Number Means Multiply

So what our equation now looks like is

y* 1/(-6) * (-6)/1=12(-6)

Since 1/(-6) * (-6)/1 = 1 and 12(-6) = -72

We are left with

y * 1 = -72



Let's Solve The Equation Step by Step

This is how I want you to write it out again without skipping any steps.

-y/6 -5 = 7

-y/6 +(-5) = 7

-y/6 +(-5)+5 = 7+5

-y/6 + 0 =12



y/(-6) (-6)=12(-6)



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