Video - Marketing Your Online Course With Pinterest

Pinterest is an effective, yet often overlooked means of marketing your online course. Share and teach what you love and make money online teaching what's in your heart.

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Video Transcript

00:00 Pinterest is one of my favorite 00:01 marketing platforms because it's so 00:03 visual and it's also a great way to get 00:05 your brand's name out there and drive 00:07 traffic back to your website we have a 00:09 ton of instructors on teachable whose 00:12 main source of traffic is Pinterest it's 00:15 super easy to post on and share your 00:16 work and then get it liked pinned and re 00:19 pinned by others not to mention 00:21 Pinterest has a very easy ad platform to 00:23 use that can help boost traffic even 00:26 more and most importantly even with a 00:28 small budget 00:29 so this is our teachable Pinterest page 00:31 follow us when you get a chance Thanks 00:33 and I've just started building this page 00:36 not too long ago I'm going to give you a 00:38 couple of pointers on how to get started 00:40 improve your profile and then how to get 00:42 shared so your pin goes viral most 00:45 importantly Pinterest is a search engine 00:47 so use targeted keywords to your 00:49 advantage when you're naming both your 00:52 boards and your headline include a short 00:56 description in your headline like ours 00:59 ours is create and sell online courses 01:01 because this way when someone searches 01:02 for the terms your board will show up 01:05 and also and make sure that you include 01:07 a call to action in your description we 01:10 are calling out our ebook that we just 01:13 created which focuses on creating course 01:16 content and we want everyone to have 01:18 this because it's super helpful and we 01:20 want that's all we want to do is help 01:21 our audience so make sure your call to 01:24 action is something super helpful and 01:26 since you just created a lead magnet for 01:29 your course that's always a great place 01:31 to start now for design keep your cover 01:34 images or cut board cover images similar 01:37 across all your main boards as you can 01:40 see all of ours have the same font and a 01:42 similar teal gradient this way just when 01:46 people see it they know it's your brand 01:47 use straightforward board titles to 01:50 optimize for that SEO as you can see we 01:52 have teachable business tips content 01:55 creation tips social media tips to grow 01:57 your audience and make money online 01:59 those are all things our audience is 02:01 looking for and searching for and those 02:03 are the people we're trying to target 02:05 for your first board should be all of 02:07 your own original content teachable 02:08 business tips is all about teachable and 02:11 the stuff that we post on our blog 02:13 these next three boards follow the 80/20 02:15 rule it's 80% other people's content 20% 02:19 ours you know we want to give our 02:20 audience all the best stuff out there so 02:22 we need to find the best other reason if 02:24 I'm the best resources out there - and 02:26 that's what we want to share when 02:28 creating a description for your board 02:30 once again keep it SEO focused as you 02:33 can see we have our tagline again and 02:36 more longtail keyword descriptions that 02:39 explain exactly what you get from the 02:41 teachable blog and not to mention an 02:43 extra few keywords that relate to our 02:46 industry as a whole now on to marketing 02:49 your lead magnet to start off you need 02:51 to design a vertical image with the 02:53 title of your lead magnet like so you'll 02:57 want to use an image that is 735 pixels 03:01 wide which is Pinterest's max dimension 03:04 and then the height I use 100 oops 03:08 excuse me 1102 pixels your image doesn't 03:12 have to be anything fancy just make sure 03:14 your audience is clear on what the pin 03:15 relates back to just like this I have a 03:18 clear title saying the ultimate email 03:20 example guide boom you know what you're 03:22 getting you can explore Pinterest for 03:24 design ideas because as I said before if 03:27 it's a visual platform and there are so 03:29 many beautiful pins all over the place 03:30 you'd be hard-pressed not to find any 03:32 inspiration I use Photoshop to design my 03:35 graphics but you can design in anything 03:37 and canva is a great free resource to 03:39 start with as well once you have your 03:42 image designed it's time to upload to 03:44 Pinterest you can either pin directly 03:46 from your website or upload a pin 03:49 directly to Pinterest when you're 03:51 uploading your pin each pin needs a very 03:54 specific description and this is a 03:57 description we wrote for this it tells 03:59 our audience exactly what it is they're 04:01 getting and what to expect and it also 04:04 includes a small call-to-action to 04:06 incentivize them to click as you can see 04:09 it's click to get it now we want people 04:11 to click it to go back to the blog and 04:13 read because we want to get them to 04:14 download our lead magnet and we want to 04:17 get their email address now when you 04:19 upload a pin directly to Pinterest make 04:21 sure that you have you go back into the 04:25 pin and fill out the website 04:27 URL because you want when someone clicks 04:30 on it you want them to come back to your 04:31 site not just stay on Pinterest when you 04:34 upload a pin directly into the Pinterest 04:36 platform it does not populate that for 04:38 you then what you're gonna do is pin 04:40 this pin to all relevant boards so since 04:43 it's a that pin that we were just 04:45 looking at was about email email 04:47 templates that people can follow it 04:48 would go on teachable business tips 04:50 teachable content creation tips and even 04:54 make money online because you know you 04:56 send out all these emails to get people 04:58 to buy your products and now if you're a 05:00 member of any other group boards that 05:02 are relative relevant to your lead 05:05 magnet let's say design was one of them 05:09 make sure that you pin your pin to that 05:11 board because as a group board it means 05:14 there's a lot of other people who are 05:15 not necessarily following you on there 05:18 on this site and then it'll just be one 05:20 more place that you're Oddie your 05:21 audience that you're trying to target 05:23 can see your pin to find group words to 05:27 join search on pin groupie so I'm going 05:29 back to that example we had before the 05:32 ultimate guide to writing every email 05:33 you need to know for your business I 05:35 went ahead on pin groupie and search for 05:37 email marketing as you can see it gives 05:39 a list of different boards that relate 05:42 to that topic and basically what you can 05:45 do is just go through this see how many 05:48 pins each board has how many 05:50 collaborators how many followers how 05:52 many likes and repin and average pin 05:55 gets and then see if that's a good fit 05:58 for your brand and asked to join 06:00 basically all you need to go is all you 06:02 need to do is go into that board find 06:04 the board on Pinterest and email or put 06:07 a comment on one of the pins and asking 06:09 and the admin I guess of the board to 06:12 join and then they will accept you 06:15 another thing you can try to do is 06:17 promote your pin on Pinterest to help it 06:20 reach a greater number of people you can 06:22 either do a boosted engagement pin or do 06:25 a pin to drive traffic back to your 06:27 website it's up to you I would say 06:29 totally check it out Pinterest is a huge 06:31 platform that's greatly untapped by 06:33 advertisers at this moment and so it 06:36 really allows you to target the people 06:38 that you want and do it on the smaller 06:41 budget

Video - How to Come Up With a Profitable Online Course Idea

Before you can create your online course, you need to come up with your online course idea. And as simple as that may sound, there is a lot to consider. Use this video as a starting point....

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Video - Tutorial for Creating an Email Course with Teachable Drip Content Built Into Your Online Course System!

Built right into your online course teaching system is a drip method of selling your courses online by email. Your students will receive their lessons directly in their email!

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You know email and you know online courses. However, do you realize email courses? The idea appears to be sufficiently basic—a more limited variant of your course that is conveyed by means of email—however, the effect of an email course when done accurately is far more prominent than you might suspect.

We'll walk you through what an email course is, the reason it's significant, and offer how you can make your own to construct an email list brimming with individuals who are prepared to purchase your course.

The million dollar question: Why an email course?

Brennan Dunn of Double Your Freelancing says, "An email course is only an autoresponder, which is a progression of messages that are conveyed throughout some stretch of time." And that is valid. In any case, an email course is more than that. It likewise shows your crowd something genuine, something essential, and something identified with your course by conveying illustrations over a progression of naturally produced messages.

See it in real life from makers Nat Eliason and Justin Mares of Programming for Marketers, who sent messages every day throughout the span of seven days to convey their substance.

Email course model Programming for Marketers model messages

Every single one of those messages contains a smaller than usual example and toward the finish of the series, endorsers were given the challenge to join the full course Programming for Marketers.

Having an effect

In this way, how precisely can email courses help your business? All things considered, a considerable amount really.

Email courses can:

1. Gather email addresses

You've heard us say it previously, yet your email list is the foundation of your business. You dispatch your course and bring in cash by messaging your rundown about your course. The bigger your rundown, the bigger the quantity of expected purchasers.

Parting with a free email course is by and large the sort of lead magnet (otherwise known as a select-in or gift) that draws in new supporters, who are likewise the right endorsers.

Yet, for what reason are these the ideal individuals? So, the crowd is qualified. They're individuals who need a course, need to learn, and need to realize what you're instructing. Normally, you'll need to put together your email course with respect to a point identified with your full course, yet all at once inclining further toward that later.

Lead them on

Since you're developing your rundown of the right sort of individuals rapidly, we frequently allude to an email course as the ideal lead magnet.

Take a look at our agenda for the ideal lead magnet.

Does your interest group truly need it?

Would it be able to give a substantial outcome and moment delight?

Is there seen and genuine worth?

Does it take care of a particular issue?

Does it set up you as a dependable power figure?

Are your advantages imparted through an outcome-driven feature?

2. Set up a relationship and trust

Assuming you've paid attention to one of our online courses, you'll realize that Teachable regularly looks at selling your course online to purchasing veggies from a rancher's market. Then again, actually, you're not at a rancher's market. So you must give individuals a method for seeing individuals at your stand, trial, and trust you before they purchase your item.

Also, an email course does these things. Your email course is a generous trial. It's insufficient to be a full feast, but rather enough to energize. At the point when you make your course, you want to part with important substance—a portion of your best—so individuals know precisely the thing they're getting from you.

Hi, my name is…

Your email course additionally ought to present you as a power understudies need to gain from. Your email course embodies your encouraging style and grandstands why individuals might need to pick you over another educator. It additionally features your clout on the point, your abundance of information, and what you bring to the table.

Keep in mind: You don't need to be a specialist on each part of your theme, as long as you can demonstrate what you know and can show the current subject.

3. Create interest for your item

As understudies work through your email course, they'll become increasingly more mindful of your course topic and what they don't have a clue yet—however need to. This will create more interest for your full course.

Course creation masters like Melyssa Griffin utilize similar strategies in their online classes prior to pitching somebody to purchase a full course.

4. Get back time

This will all require some investment to make. However, for the quantity of endorsers, you can possibly acquire and the rate at which they convert, it's a decent edge.

There are several methods for mining existing substances you need to transform it into a heavenly email course. For instance, possibly you'll have a substantial blog entry you can repurpose, or you can take the principal segment of your full course and transform it into this strong lead magnet.

Conveying more modest pieces of important substance will give you back an ideal opportunity to zero in on additional fostering your course content while as yet supporting your business.

The life structures of an email course

Making and dispatching a fruitful email course doesn't need to be grand. With these five stages, we'll tell you the best way to limit your subject, plan your messages, and get to the business time frame.

Stage 1: Decide what to educate

Before you make anything, sort out what to instruct first. Normally, you need to pick a subject that is important, flaunts your showing capacities, and furthermore creates interest for your full course.

Suppose your full course is named, "Arranging a Trip to Italy." You might take the primary segment of the course "How to Pack for Europe" or "The Top Places to Travel to in Italy" to repurpose as your email course.

Both of theories' thoughts are significant all alone, however they likewise produce interest for a bigger seminar on a full excursion to Italy. You've drawn in your main interest group, tackled problem areas, and produced interest for how to design an excursion to Italy.

Stage 2: Structure your email course

Most email courses are sent over a time of one to about fourteen days. However, the key is to send content rapidly and reliably enough to heat up new leads. This will tell drives what your identity is and what you do rapidly enough with the goal that they stay fascinated.

Simply recollect the best proportion: Keep messages sufficiently scattered and containing sufficient worth. This main prompts craving for your full course significantly more.

Brennan Dunn offers genuinely strong guidance when he discusses email absorption time. At the point when you space out your course, consider how long it might require for somebody to follow through with the jobs. Assuming it's anything but a one-day thing, settle on a more drawn-out course over a more limited one.

Remember to view at the course as a drawn-out deals pitch. In any case, a useful piece of advice: Don't invest the entire energy selling. Essentially recollecting this interaction is a chance to transform top pipe leads into sustained endorsers prepared to purchase your course.

You can achieve this by first selling perusers on your thought. Move them through a significant substance that forms trust in you and request, and afterward, utilize the last couple of messages to give the arrangement.

Your diagrams might resemble this:

Email course structure model #1

Affirmation: Confirm enlistment in your email course

Welcome email: Tell individuals getting and why it's significant (sell the possibility of your course and the change)

Email 1: Content

Email 2: Content

Email 3: Content

Email 4: Hard sell your course

Email 5: Mention your course again + where individuals can get in touch with you

Email course structure model #2

Affirmation: Confirm enlistment in your email course

Welcome email: Tell individuals getting and why it's significant, in addition to give a sampler/secret of what's coming straightaway

Email 1: Content

Email 2: Content

Email 3: Content

Email 4: Content

Email 5: Content

Email 6: Hard sell your course

Email 7: Mention your course again + welcome individuals to join a local area page or Facebook bunch you have

Brennan loves selling a course inside this free course, yet not everything email courses do this. Some subsequent the day later the email course closes with a hard offer to join their web-based course. There's a lot of leeway to modify this experience for your group.

Most importantly, assuming you construct entrust with your crowd and offer genuine benefit from the beginning, they're bound to make a money-related speculation not too far off.

Stage 3: Create content for your email course

You know the truism "lessen and reuse." But it applies to something beyond your removal propensities. Lessening your work and reusing your substance is key for email courses.

On the off chance that you have content…

Reuse your blog entries to assist with making your email course. Assuming there are explicit blog entries that have performed well, center around this data in your email course. For instance, take your five most famous blog entries and transform them into your email course. Then, at that point, go inside and out during your full course.

In the event that you don't have content…

Make it utilizing the above guidance on what constructs trust by giving worth and creating requests.

Petovera recommends five messages with 1,000 expressions of content. However, fitting this experience to your crowd is the main thing. Compose however much it takes to get your crowd to the ultimate objective.

Keep in mind: Know how much hand-holding your crowd will need and give them precisely what they need.

Stage 4: Automate your work process

An email course depends on robotization. At the point when another peruser staggers on your substance, they can select in and request your course and get it, consequently.

This sort of moment delight has an effect. At the point when individuals get something they need immediately, they get a hit of dopamine. For likely clients, this makes a quick feeling of significant worth.

To make a positive encounter for your new leads, set up your autoresponders. You can do this with programs like Aweber, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or Drip. Or then again, you can run your email course through Teachable utilizing our trickle include, which is great assuming you're now utilizing the stage. (On the off chance that you're not, you'll be intrigued by our excellent fitting and-play deals pages.)

Stage 5: Make the deal

However much an email course is esteem-centered, you ultimately need to make the deal. That implies pondering driving individuals from intrigued to exceptionally intrigued all through your email series.

Recollect how we said you really want to sell individuals on the possibility of your course first? You can do that in your absolute first email.

Subsequent to sending the computerized affirmation for enlistment, send a welcome email that begins to present your subject and why you can help.

You'll likewise need to seed your full course inside your email course. You can do this by referencing it around the finish of the stream or sending an email the day later your email course closes.

Favorable to tip: If you're referencing it in the email course, tie it in normally in the second to last email and add a quick activity reward—something somebody can possibly get now in the event that they purchase here—to make a need to keep moving.

Keep in mind: Email courses will more often than not convert well overall, so a higher than ordinary level of your rundown will purchase than on the off chance that you had just run a giveaway or rebate.

Messages and then some

Whenever you've followed the over five stages to setting up your email course, market, spread, and advance your free course. You can begin by connecting to it on the landing page of your blog, as this is a fast method for gathering email addresses from any new lead visiting your blog.

You can likewise do a web-based media push through Instagram Live, TikTok, Clubhouse rooms, and Facebook

Plan out numerous, ideal ways that your crowd individuals can take to get to your free email challenge presentation page. Will they catch wind of it during your internet-based studio? Will they see a Facebook promotion? Will they get a connection to it in an email? Will you compose numerous blog entries on the subject and tell your crowd to "click here for an email challenge the goes top to bottom on this" or something like that?

By the day's end, fostering a few pipe choices to draw in understudies and possible clients to your course is the best method for developing your rundown and priming your crowd.

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