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Nothing drives me crazier than publishing a webpage, sharing it, and THEN finding stupid enter image description here spelling errors and grammar errors. This stops NOW with this FREE spelling and grammar Google Chrome extension from Grammarly.

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I'm Using This Spell Checker and Grammar Checker Free Extension Now and I Love It!

Yes, most word precessors including Google Drive Office Suite have a spell checker, BUT the spelling AND grammar checker from Grammarly is more accurate and in your face. Normally in your face is not a good thing, but seeing a bright red line under text that you're writing is GREAT when you want to correct an essay or a web page before you turn it in or publish it,

As an in home tutor specializing in students with ADHD OOPS enter image description here

I mean, as an in-home tutor specializing in students with ADHD covering Honolulu Hawaii, and all of Oahu, I highly recommend this free spelling and grammar check extension.

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J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. is the only in home tutor on Oahu with ADHD specializing in students with ADHD. Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu text or call 808.224.1870