Study Technique for a Spelling Test Elementary School

This study technique for spelling tests has been successful. I've used it as an in home tutor covering Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu specializing in students with ADHD since I have ADHD myself and as a substitute teacher.

Materials Needed for Studying for a Spelling Test for Elementary School !

The list of spelling words for the spelling test

Line paper

Number 2 pencil

Procedure for Studying for a Spelling Test for Elementary School

The student is given the list of spelling words.

The student will pronounce the spelling word.

The student will write the spelling word saying each letter aloud as the student writes each letter.

Repeat this three times restating the word a final time.

If The Student Writes The Word Incorrectly

The procedure is restarted for the misspelled word.

Emulate The Spelling Test

The desk is cleared of study material.

Line paper and a pencil are used for the spelling test emulation.

The teacher or tutor say one of the words on the spelling test

The student writes down each word on a separate line after the teacher says the spelling word.

The teacher corrects the emulated spelling test.

Praise is given for correct words.

The Procedure is Repeated for Incorrectly Spelled Words

After all the spelling words are correctly spelled by the student the emulated test is given one more time.

Repeat the procedure if any words are misspelled by the student during the final emulated test of all the spelling words.

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