A Personal Note from Dr. Alice DePina In Home Tutoring and Teacher Honolulu Hawaii

I asked Dr. Alice DePina to tell me a little about herself since she has joined our in home tutoring ohana here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu. Here's what she said....

Dr. De Pina has 16 years of teaching a diverse population and varying educational platforms including Special Education and the Gifted Student Enrichment courses which makes her especially talented in student motivation.

When interviewed for a teaching position one response stood out to me,

“The example you provide for students makes the greatest impact on their self-confidence.”

However, there are activities, exercises, and practices that parents and teachers can do to help increase children’s confidence and self-esteem. Dr. D as she’s called by her students takes the time to get to know her students, as well as building their confidence to succeed. Her teaching and tutoring career has provided some valuable lessons. She knows that all children

Learn in their own unique way,

Express their perception in their own words, and openly

Share their hopes and dreams for their tomorrow and future aspirations.

She stated I know firsthand, that children with self-confidence believe in their competence and abilities, and confident children become confident adults who can overcome fears and clear obstacles in the way of their goals. Confidence wards off low self-esteem and can improve academic performance.

She expresses her understanding of struggling students. She is a parent and grandmother, she shares your concerns and love for our children’s future, and the uncertainty we all share. And when we finally recognize that we need help, we seek it out. Short-term answers often result in long-term gains, for the sake of our children.

Let’s Build a Village!


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Dr. Alice DePina

Dr. D is Waiting for Your Call So She May Help Your Child and You

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