How to Help Your Child Get Good Grades on Tests by In Home Tutor Rick Kirkham Covering Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu

Once in a great while I get an in home tutoring parent here in Honolulu Hawaii who tells me "my child doesn't remember his/her lessons when he/she takes a test." Remembering the lessons is not the problem. Here's how to help your child to get good grades on tests....

I'm Reminded of Two In Home Tutoring Student Moms

One mom told me her child didn't do well on a reading test after reading a book. It seems he had trouble remembering what it was he read. The mom said they read every night so he should be doing better. This was elementary school. I asked my in home tutoring student if he reads aloud or to himself in school. He replied he read to himself.

I asked the mom when you read with your son does he read to himself or does he read to you. She replied he read to her. Some of you teachers reading the just said aha. When you read aloud you

  1. See what you're reading
  2. Hear your own voice when you read
  3. MUST focus on what you're reading

You have a greater chance of retention of the reading material.
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What I Told The Mom

I told the mom to have her child read to himself. When he said he was done reading ask him questions. This will emulate how he reads in the classroom and prepare him for tests in a more realistic manner. Now if you REALLY want to emulate the classroom and taking a test give your child an actual test after the reading. Asking questions after silent reading will be adequate under most circumstances.

The Second Mom That Comes to Mind

I in home tutored this elementary school student over the summer. I saw some great improvements in him over the course of just a few weeks. The mom in the meantime had decided to home school my former student.

One thing I recall her mentioning to me was "the information didn't stick." He didn't do well on the tests she gave him. I assured her the information was "in there".

What I Told This Mom

I instructed the mom to give him practice tests under testing conditions.

The emulation techniques

Are done by good professional educators both in home and in the classroom. So when you run across an academic challenge with your child, think emulation. How does it occur in the classroom where the test will be taken?

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J. Richard Kirkham has dual teaching certificates from Illinois and is a high in demand substitute teacher and the only, in home tutor in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu with ADHD specializing in students with ADHD. Mr. Kirkhham's demand is so great he hand picked two other teachers to work with him for both in home computer lessons and troubleshooting and in home tutoring specializing in poor grades, behavior problems and ADHD.

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J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. is the only in home tutor on Oahu with ADHD specializing in students with ADHD. Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu text or call 808.224.1870

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